5 Common Car Problems & How to Fix Them

With all the advancements in technology today, cars are being built to last longer. To keep your car running smoothly and maximize its life, it is important to stay on top of maintenance. Here are 5 common car problems and how to fix them.  

Spark plugs

Spark plugs send sparks to the ignition chamber, which allows the fuel to ignite and drive your engine. When spark plugs begin to fail, you may notice poor mileage, rattling in the engine, backfiring, or a check engine light illuminated. Your vehicle can't run without working spark plugs so they need to be replaced by a certified mechanic before they effect your catalytic converter, adding significantly to your cost.

Mass air flow sensor

This sensor measures the amount of air supplied to the engine, which determines how much fuel should be delivered. If it malfunctions it can result in a loss of power to the car and a decrease in fuel economy. This can happen when air filters are not replaced. Check your owner's manual for a scheudule of filter replacements.

Catalytic converter

Catalytic converters control a vehicle's emission's system. This costly system typically fails when a smaller related part, such as a spark plug or fuel injector malfunctions. It's important to take care of rountine maintenance so the smaller issues don't turn into expensive repairs.

Loose fuel cap

The check engine light is sometimes illuminated due to a loose fuel cap. Although an inexpensive fix, a loose fuel cap can change aspects of the fuel tank that can cause low performance within the engine. If it's not replaced, it could cost you hundreds of dollars in gas mileage over a short period of time. 


A faulty thermostat is another common source of your check engine light. The thermostat in your engine measures its temperature, which is used by your car's computer to regulate performance. If you ignore a thermostat repair, your vehicle will either run under capacity or may damage itself under strain. Getting it fixed will protect you from complete engine failure.