6 Most Common Car Repairs for Spring & Summer

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to focus on car maintenance. If you've neglected your vehicle over the past few months, chances are, you are in need of a few repairs. From small services such as changing the wiper blades to more significant expenses such as a set of new tires, here are some of the most common repairs needed when the weather heats up.

  1. Oil change – Oil keeps your engine running smoothly. If you stick to a regular schedule, an oil change should be performed every few thousand miles. 
  2. Air filter– Air filters prevent contaminants from entering your engine. Dirty filters result in poor gas mileage and damage to the spark plugs. They should be replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 miles or as recommended in your owner's manual.
  3. Battery – Car batteries allow your car to start with the turn of a key. Most batteries will last about four years, depending on how you drive and where you live. When your battery gives out, your car just dies. Keep a record of purchase so you can stay on top of replacing it.
  4. Tires – Tires are designed to last about 50,000 miles. It's important to inspect your tires regularly for tread depth, so they can grip the road in all kinds of weather. If you suspect your treads are worn, it's a good time to start shopping for tires.
  5. Wiper blades – Wiper blades have the vital job of keeping your visibility clear. Whether it's raining or something needs to be cleaned off your windshield, they are an essential part of your vehicle. Blades should be replaced every year or as soon as you notice a difference in visibility. 
  6. Brake pads – Maintaining brake pads is crucial if you want to avoid costly repairs and unsafe driving conditions. Most brake pads last about 30,000 miles but can vary from vehicle to vehicle. If you notice squealing or screeching noises when the brakes are engaged, it is probably time to replace your brake pads.

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