Additional Charges for Electric Cars

For eco-conscious drivers focused on ending dependence on fossil fuels, the Tesla Motors family of all-electric sedans and SUVs have been a dream come true. Instead of filling up a gas tank at a roadside gas station, Tesla cars can be recharged at Supercharger stations located across the country. A charge up can take as little as 30 minutes, and while Tesla once encouraged drivers to use this time to grab a coffee or a bite to eat, they're now urging drivers to pay a little closer attention to how long the car charges at the station: 

The days of carefree charging with Tesla Superchargers appear to be over. Superchargers are still free to use, but Tesla will now collect an “idle fee” if a vehicle remains plugged in once the charging cycle is complete.
According to Tesla, the idle fee is $0.40 for every minute following a charge. Tesla will waive the fee if the vehicle is unplugged and moved within 5 minutes. The company says the move is an effort to improve Supercharger availability to all owners.

The company says the fee will be of less concern once cars are fully autonomous and can pull away from the charging stations once completely charged. Read more about Tesla's Superchargers here.