How to Finance a New Car by the 4th of July

Maybe you've made a few late payments on your bills or have maxed out credit cards. Perhaps, you've purchased a vehicle in the past and couldn't keep up with the payments. It happens. Now you're ready to buy a new car and you're worried that you won't be able to finance it because of your credit history. Fortunately, bad credit doesn't have to stand in the way of getting a new car. Check out these tips for getting into a new set of wheels.

  1. Get a copy of your credit report. Check for inaccuracies and dispute errors. Clean up your credit by paying off any past due accounts before you begin shopping for your new vehicle.
  2. Be on your best behavior. If you are prepared to fix your credit, pay everything on time from here on out. Avoid adding to your debt with new credit cards or any other major credit obligations.
  3. Research current interest rates. With good credit, you will qualify for a rate that is at or below average. With bad credit, you will have a higher interest rate, which will affect your monthly payment and the price tag of the car you can purchase. However, be skeptical of any loan rate more than double the average.
  4. Make a down payment. A bad credit history and a higher interest rate will limit the size of car loan you can get. A bigger down payment can offset the interest and taxes and widen the selection of vehicles you can choose from.
  5. Budget what you can afford. You may be tempted to stretch your budget to get into a better car. Stick to what you can afford, even if you're approved for a loan with bigger payments. 

At Hometown Auto, we offer on-site financing regardless of credit history. We take pride in offering quality vehicles with low down payments and affordable monthly payments to help you build a positive credit history. If you want to get into a new vehicle by July 4th, come see us at one of our convenient locations in High Point or Winston-Salem.