Our Tips for Staying Cool in Your Car until Fall Arrives

Even though fall is just around the corner, the Carolinas don't start to cool off until late in the season. The high temperatures and humidity often hang around until October, so it's important to stay cool in your car until fall arrives. Here are some tips for beating the heat when you are driving.

  1. Maintain your vehicle regularly, especially during extreme temperatures. Schedule an appointment to have your A/C, battery, tires, fluids, and cooling system checked.
  2. Use a sunshade when your car is parked. The temperature inside your vehicle is significantly hotter than the outside temperature. Protect your car's interior and keep it cooler by using a sunshade in the front and back windows.
  3. Park in the shade. When possible, park in covered parking or a shady spot. Even if you have to walk a bit farther, it will be worth it when you return to your vehicle.
  4. Keep your windows slightly cracked. While you don't want to keep your windows completely open for obvious reasons, keeping them open a crack will maintain air flow and keep the inside cooler.
  5. Cover your steering wheel and seats with a blanket or towel. Even if you use a sunshade, your steering wheel, seats, and dash can be hot to the touch. Using a cover will keep the contact temperature down so you can get moving faster.

You won't be able to avoid the heat entirely, but you can make it more manageable by following these tips. After you purchase a vehicle at Hometown Auto, we can handle all your service needs. From fluid checks to oil changes, to warranty work, we will help to keep your car in optimal condition any time of year.