Tax Refund — Should I Buy a Used Car?

Honestly, taxes are a fact of life most of us dread. Nobody looks forward to the paperwork and hassle every year. But if you're fortunate enough that Uncle Sam has provided you with a refund of your hard-earned money, you might be considering the best way to make use of your newly reacquired wealth. 

With an average U.S. tax refund of $3,120, now might be a good time to think about putting a down payment on a used car. A sizeable down payment on the total cost of your new vehicle can lower the amount of your monthly payments, and that can help you get the ride you want at a price and financing that fits comfortably in your budget.

And at Hometown Auto, you can buy here and pay here, which can save you time and money. We'll be with you every step of the way, from the moment you buy the car to the day you make your final auto loan payment. Remember, The Credit Doctor always says yes, even if you have a bad credit history or no credit at all. Our knowledgeable sales staff and on-site service team will work hard to make sure you're happy with your vehicle and on the road to building up your financial future.

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