When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

When looking for a new vehicle, you may have put a lot of thought into what to buy, did you know when to buy can have a huge influence on the deal you get? Timing is critical when you're looking for the best possible price on your next ride. Here are a few recommendations on the best time to go car shopping:

* When the new model year is released. Out with the old and in with the new often means that the "old" will drop in price to make room for the latest and greatest. It varies by manufacturer, but many brands release new models in late summer/early fall.

* The end of the calendar year. Now's the time when dealerships are trying to remove the last of the old inventory and hit their sales goals, and many dealers are extra motivated to provide incentives or price cuts. Keep in mind that while the deals may be good, the lot may not have as broad of a selection of available vehicles.

* The end of the month. On a smaller scale, many salespeople have year-round monthly sales goals. If you're willing to negotiate on the price, you might be able to secure a better price than you could at the beginning of the month.

* The holidays. President's Day. Memorial Day. Labor Day. Believe it or not, even Black Friday has emerged as a popular car-buying holiday, with dealers taking the opportunity to kick off the year's end early. Many dealerships try to outdo each other on incentives for the holidays, easily making it a buyer's market.

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