4 Ways to Repair Your Credit that People Don’t Tell You About

Bad credit can make life a little more difficult. Whether you’re trying to get a loan, insurance, or a credit card, you may be faced with a higher interest rate or additional expenses. Fortunately, there are things you can do right now, to begin repairing your credit score.

  1. Review your credit report and dispute any errors. Get the latest copy of your credit report. Review what needs to be repaired such as past due and maxed out accounts. Check for any incorrect information, including accounts that aren’t yours and any payments that have been reported incorrectly. Make a game plan.
  2. Get current on past due accounts. Payment history impacts your credit score more than any other factor, so it’s important to tackle any past due accounts. Contact your creditor to see what can be done to get you to a current status. Sometimes late fees and penalties can be waived. Avoid a charge-off status by taking care of late payments before they are 180 days past due.
  3. Bring down high balances. Your credit utilization score is the ratio that compares your total debt to total credit. It is the second most significant factor to affect your credit score. If you have maxed out credit cards, bring them below the limit, then work to pay the balances off completely.
  4. Re-establish your credit. As you are working to resolve the negative items on your credit report, you can begin to build a positive credit history with Hometown Auto. Our credit building program gives you the stability you need to purchase a vehicle and keep up with the payments.

Repairing your credit takes time; start today by taking the first steps. Be proactive, pay your bills on time, avoid overusing credit cards, and work to re-establish your credit at Hometown Auto.