Always Follow This Checklist When Shopping for Used Cars

Looking to buy a used car? There are many advantages to buying used such as lower upfront costs, better price, and more affordable insurance rates; but there are several things you should know before making a purchase. Not all used car dealers are the same, so do your homework before you head out. At Hometown Auto, we take pride in offering affordable, quality vehicles, even if you have bad credit or no credit history. Use this checklist to help guide your search.

  • Decide on the type of car you want. Think about the make and model that would work best for you.
  • Research the asking price and compare it to other used cars with a similar description.
  • Learn about your financing options. At Hometown Auto, we get you the car you need at the financing terms you can afford.
  • Research the cost of insurance on the make and model you want to buy.
  • Find out the history of the vehicle through CARFAX or another online tool.
  • Make an appointment to test drive the car. Make sure you are comfortable in the front and back seats, drive on the highway to gauge acceleration and handling, listen when you brake and pay attention to the steering and alignment. Also, practice parking for maneuverability, visibility, and size.
  • Inspect the overall condition of the vehicle. Check for rust underneath and on the body, the tires for wear, the oil for the proper level and color, and the coolant and radiator for leaks and corrosion. Inspect the interior for cleanliness and odors.
  • After the test drive, inspect the engine for leaks.
  • Request and review the title and service records, if available.
  • Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle you are looking to purchase.

At Hometown Auto, our vehicles are thoroughly inspected by our pre-sales service department before they are put on the lot. Rest assured, you are getting a safe and reliable vehicle from us. Visit one of our two locations in High Point or Winston-Salem to check out our current inventory.