How to Keep Your Car Looking Clean Even in Winter Weather

The snow, salt, and grime on the roads can make your car look filthy during the winter months. Given how briefly it will stay clean, some people skip cleaning their car altogether. However, keeping your car clean during the winter is more important than it is during any other time of year. If left untreated, salt and other compounds can cause damage to your exterior paint. Here's how to keep your car clean this season and protect your investment over the long-term.

  1. Wash your car regularly. Whether you run it through a car wash or hand wash it at home, washing off the debris every other week or so, is critical to protecting it. At the very least, hose it off. Focus on the wheel arches where buildup can lead to rust. 
  2. Dry your car after washing it. Using a clean microfiber cloth, dry your car after each wash. This way the water won't freeze your doors shut and you won't have ugly water marks all over the exterior. 
  3. Protect your paint with wax. Ideally, you'll want to wax your car before the bad weather hits, but you can still add this extra layer of protection in the winter. Just make sure you give it a good cleaning first, before you apply the wax. Visit your local auto parts store for recommendations or splurge for a wax during your next car wash. 
  4. Invest in rubber floor mats. As you get in and out of your vehicle, you are sure to bring in the debris. If you use rubber floor mats, you can easily remove them and wash them off as needed. This will keep your carpet protected and smelling fresh all winter long.

Take preventative measures to maintain your car this winter by keeping it clean. By spending a little extra time on it now, you will protect it for years to come.