Is Buy Here Pay Here a Good Idea?

When you're ready to buy a car, lots of different people can be involved in the process. There are the dealers, whose primary interest is selling you a car for the highest price you're willing to pay. And there are the bankers who offer auto financing packages at rates and terms that are most favorable to themselves. If you've tried to buy a car in the past, you could find yourself in the crossfire of these two groups, neither of whom may have your best interests at heart. The dealer wants to make as much money per vehicle sold and may try to throw in extras that you don't necessarily need. And the bank might not be able to extend a favorable interest rate to you, especially if you're struggling with a bad credit history or just starting out on building your credit. It can be frustrating to find a middle ground that puts you in the vehicle of your dreams. 

With Hometown Auto's buy here, pay here program, there's no need to get caught in between the dealer and the bank because we are both the dealer and the bank. We are truly a one-stop shop where you can find a quality used car and car loan and repayment plan that fits your lifestyle and your budget. We don't use high-pressure sales tactics to ratchet up the sale price of a vehicle — just straightforward answers. And when other banks say no to your auto financing needs, the Credit Doctor says yes. He'll work with you and your particular situation to come up with a plan to finance your vehicle and put you on the path to repairing your credit. Most banks aren't going to take the time to help you out; at Hometown Auto, we make it a priority to help you fix any bad credit situation in which you may find yourself. What makes us different is that we're your neighbors here in the Triad, and we want to see you drive home with the vehicle you deserve at a price you can afford.

Stop by either of our convenient locations in High Point or Winston-Salem and see what great deals we can offer on your next vehicle.