Respect the Rain: Safe Driving for Wet Conditions

Rainy conditions are some of the most dangerous and “April showers” means drivers will spend a lot of time behind the wheel when conditions are wet.

Unlike snow or wintery conditions where drivers stay home or take extra precautions, rain doesn’t gain as much respect. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 46 percent of weather-related accidents happen during rainfall.

For great rainy driving safety tips, check out the article below on remaining safe while driving in the rain.

If hydroplaning occurs, drivers should react by letting off the accelerator. But do no brake. Ease off the steering wheel. Once traction is regained, drivers can lose control of their vehicle if they’ve turned their steering wheels while hydroplaning. Slow down until traction is regained, then keep speed slow.

CHP offers tips for remaining safe while driving in rain.