Spring is Here, Is Your AC Ready?

If you haven't turned on your AC all winter, you may want to check it before you need it. With fluctuating Spring temperatures in the South, it can be thirty degrees in the morning, and seventy degrees by late afternoon. You might even find that you put the heat on in the morning, and turn on the AC for the ride home from work. Although it's nice to roll down the windows and get some fresh air, as the days get warmer, you'll want to use your air conditioning to drive comfortably.

For a quick assessment, press your AC button and observe what happens. Unusual smells or noises could be warning signs that there is a problem. Change the dial and try different settings to see if the system responds when you increase or reduce the air flow. If you notice there is no cooling air at all, the air is being delivered sporadically, or it's not getting cold enough, bring your car in for a maintenance check to see what's causing the issue. 

The most common cause of AC problems is leaks. Seals could be damaged, causing the refrigerant to leak out, or the compressor or condenser may be failing or malfunctioning. To figure out the exact cause, a detailed inspection is a good idea. 

If you purchased your used vehicle at Hometown Auto, we can take care of all your service needs. Schedule an AC check at either our High Point or Winston Salem location, and we'll have you ready for the summer heat.