The Most Popular Used Cars for Millennials

According to a study by, Millennials purchased 182,000 used cars in the first quarter of 2016. Similar research by Piper Jaffray also showed the young group, ages 18-24, are only willing to spend about 8 percent of their income on a car.  

The research cited in this article, also states:

[T]hese used cars aren’t just two- or three-year-old models — the majority of the top used vehicles among this age group haven’t been seen on a new car lot in more than 10 years. “These are really price-based purchases,” says Jessica Caldwell, director of industry analysis at Edmunds. “Some of them are cool, older sports cars, but these are cars where you can get a good deal.”

So you want to know which cars made the most popular list? 

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