Things to Fix When the Weather Warms Up

Winter weather can put a lot of stress on your car. From potholes and road salt to snow and ice, your car is likely in need of some TLC. Spring is an excellent time to wash away the winter blues and tune up your ride. Here are some things to do when the weather warms up.

  1. Get a good cleaning. Salt and other debris have probably collected on your car's exterior over the last few months. Invest in a good car wash and wax to clean things up. Don't forget about the undercarriage, where metal can also rust. Vacuum out the interior and wipe down the dash to keep things fresh.
  2. Check tire pressure and rotate tires. The correct tire pressure will affect your car's handling, traction, and safety. Cold weather can reduce the pressure in your tires. Refer to your owner's manual for the proper PSI. Also, winter weather can affect your tire tread. By rotating your tires, they will wear more evenly.
  3. Check alignment and suspension. If you notice your car pulls to one side or your steering wheel vibrates, it could be an alignment problem. Potholes can damage your car's alignment and suspension, so it pays to get it checked when the weather warms up.
  4. Get an oil change and check fluids. If your last oil change was before the holidays, now is an excellent time to get it done again. Check specific recommendations for your vehicle, but typically every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is customary. While you're getting your oil changed, have your fluids checked as well.
  5. Have your brakes inspected. Properly functioning brakes are critical to your safety. Have a technician check the pads and rotors to ensure there are no issues. If you neglect smaller problems with your brakes, it could lead to costly repairs down the road.

If you've purchased a used vehicle at Hometown Auto, bring your car in for all your service needs. With two convenient locations in High Point and Winston Salem, we can help get your car ready for Spring.