6 Apps to Make Your Commute Easier

One of the greatest benefits of the smartphone age we live in is the number of great apps for traveling and commuting. Who needs a big GPS mounted on your windshield when you can access Google Maps or Waze with one touch. 

In addition to standard navigation and map tools, we're going to discuss several apps that make commuting easier.


Parkmobile: Use Parkmobile to manage paid parking at hundreds of locations across the U.S. You can pay your meter and get notifications before your parking session expires. 

Carrr Matey: This app lets you know where you left your car parked. Sure, the pirate theme is a bit goofy but Carrr Matey works. 


Pandora: This app enables you to build your own taste-based radio stations. The beauty of Pandora is it learns what you like over time and plays more music you love and less of what you don't.

Spotify: Spotify is one of the top music streaming services in the world. The free version allows streaming on mobile with ads. You can upgrade to a premium subscription and go ad-free.


Gas Buddy: If you are one to remember which gas stations along your route have the cheapest gas prices, this app is for you. GasBuddy saves you money at the pump. And if you drive an electric car, try PlugShare.

Trip Splitter: Carpoolers love this one. Trip Splitter helps you neatly split costs for your trip or commute. It will even send email reminders to everyone so they won't forget to pay up.

Try these apps out on your next trip or carpool, and let us know which ones are your favorite!