Virtual Reality and the Future of Car Design

Recently, we revisited an article from last year on how Ford uses virtual reality to design better cars. And with this year’s rise of consumer-based virtual reality devices, we’re excited about the future of automobile innovation. 

Here’s an excerpt from Fortune’s “How Ford goes further with virtual reality”:

VR has already changed the way Ford makes vehicles through its product development and manufacturing processes. Baron says the company builds fewer physical models and creates more virtual models, and Ford is accepting more configurations and making choices earlier in the design process thanks to VR.

Elizabeth Baron, virtual reality and advanced visual technology specialist at Ford, has helped lead this culture change at Ford, where VR has become a “holistic and collaborative” part of production. The company can create an entire vehicle that has an engine, power train, and seats with all its mechanisms in VR and members of different divisions like body, interiors, and structures can look at the same thing at the same time.

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